The Fee family, in 1863, opened a small store in New York. It started as delicatessen and in a few years it became a beverage and wine shop. At the time of the ban, the store managed to survive because it sold the only legal drink, namely church wine. Today, the 4th generation of the family Fee makes sure to make excellent quality bitters that take every cocktail to the next level!

Bitters are a class of spirits that are becoming increasingly popular.

They stand out for their strong botanical and fruity characteristics.

In theFee Brothers collection there are flavors in bitterswith lemon, orange, grapefruit, peach, cherry, mint and chocolate. There are of course two excellent flavors of aged drink!

The good thing about bitters is that you do not need to be a skilled bartender to use them.

In collaboration with Skyspirits which is an import beverage company, we now have in our area a wide variety of Fee Brothers Bitter.

Indicatively the bitterscodes we offer are:


  • Old Fashion Bitters 150 ml
  • Orange Bitters 150 ml
  • Celery Bitters 150 ml
  • Cherry Bitters 150 ml
  • Aztec Chocolate Bitters 150 ml
  • Cranberry Bitters 150 ml
  • Grapefruit Bitters 150 ml
  • Lemon Bitters 150 ml
  • Mint Bitters 150 ml
  • Peach Bitters 150 ml
  • Plum Bitters 150 ml
  • Rhubarb Bittes 150 ml
  • Black Walnut Bitters 150 ml
  • Cardamo Bitters 150 ml
  • Whisky BarelAged Bitters 150 ml
  • Gin BarelAged Bitters 150 ml
  • Molasses Bitters 150 ml
  • Lime Bitter 150 ml

Clear Bitter with intense flavor and Lime aroma, in combination with the herbs found in gin. Ideal addition to longdrinks andsour cocktails. Alcohol content 21.1%.