The liqueurs Fruit is a subcategory of the wider family of liqueur drinks . The term fruit is widely used here, as it can be applied to a number of artificially produced aromatic substances as well as to the botanical definition, as a plant structure containing seeds.

The process of producing liqueurs with fruit aromas can be relatively simple. Mixing is the most common and most economical method of production. Flavoring, coloring, sugar plus any additional ingredients, such as preservatives and stabilizers, are mixed with a neutral alcohol to achieve a basic fruit-flavored liqueur.

Various fruits prepared in liqueur

Fruit liqueurs can be made from almost any imaginary fruit and many people will make their own fruit liqueurs at home. Each type of fruit requires slightly different extraction methods to obtain its particular substance. Common examples include cherry liqueur, cream de cassis (made from black currants),triple sec (made from orange) andlimoncello (made with lemons).

Fruit liqueurs can be enhanced by various means, such as infusion and co-distillation, which will improve the texture of the drink. Fruit liqueurs can used in a wide range of cocktails, but can also be enjoyed straight or over ice.

In collaboration with BM Premium Beverages, we have available in our area:

Apple & Chestnut Liqueur (700ml)


  • Apricot Brandy : Apricot liqueur will bring a touch of Mediterranean flavor to all your cocktails, especially when mixed with whiskey or rum.
  • Banana : MONIN banana liqueur gives a pleasant taste to your countless drinks ..
  • Blue curacao : Orange flavor with degrees of bitterness. Gives a deep exotic blue color.
  • Brown cacao : From cocoa bean. Used in many types of food and beverages.
  • Cherry brandy : Gives a deep summer cherry flavor to all drinks.
  • Coconut : The taste of coconut travels to beaches of tropical islands.
  • Coffee : Intense taste of Colombian coffee in a cocktail.
  • Green apple : Green apple flavor that is easily combined with sweet flavors. .
  • Lychee : Unique taste that will stand out in your drink.
  • Orange curacao : Fresh orange flavor.
  • Peppermint : Cool mint flavor and green color in your drink
  • Strawberry : Fresh delicious strawberry flavor in all your drinks.
  • Triple sec 25% : Η λέξη sec means dry in French. Mild taste of orange peel.
  • Triple sec 38% : Same as the previous one with more alcohol.
  • Vanilla : Sweet vanilla flavor and aroma.
  • Violet : Intense violet flower flavor.
  • Watermelon : Watermelon liqueur onlyfor summer taste in your glass.
  • White cacao : Sweet chocolate flavor.
  • White menthe : Cool mint flavor. Incredible combination with chocolate.



  • Crème de cassis Dijon: alcohol content 20%
  • Crème de Cerise: alcohol content 16%
  • Crème de Framboise: alcohol content 18%
  • Crème de Mure: alcohol content 16%
  • Peach cream: alcohol content 16%
  • Crème wild strawberry: alcohol content 18%

DE KUYPER 700 ml:

The goal of De Kuyper company is the visual differentiation of the cocktail so that it can be easily distinguished which liqueur is necessary to take off the variation of the cocktail.

In collaboration with the company BM PREMIUM BEVERAGES we have at our disposal a wide variety of De Kuyper liqueurs.

  • AMARETTO 20% : Liqueur made from almonds, vanilla, rich lemon oils, sweet caramel and cognac sub-compositions .
  • ANISETTE : Sweet taste of black licorice derived from anise.
  • APRICOT BRANDY : : Apricot liqueur and married with Dutch brandy.
  • BLACKBERRY (CRÈME DE MURE) 15% : Raspberry liqueur.
  • BLUE CURACAO 20% : Liqueur Distilled from curacao fruit.
  • BLUEBERRY 15% : Bilberry liqueur.
  • BUTTERSCOTCH 15% : Liqueur made from butter caramel.
  • CHERRY BRANDY 24% : Extracts of dark red cherries, gently enhanced with exotic spices, mixed with fine brandy.Almond flavor derived from the crushing of cherry seeds for a smooth, fruity and warm taste.
  • COCONUT 15% : Coconut liqueur.
  • CRANBERRY : Cranberries liqueur.
  • CRÈME DE BANANES 15% : Banana liqueur
  • CREME DE CACAO BROWN 20% : Chocolate liqueur and vanilla drops.
  • CRÈME SE CACAO WHITE 24% : White chocolate liqueur.
  • CRÈME DE CAFÉ 20% : Coffee flavor, enhanced with vanilla and chocolate aroma.
  • CRÈME DE CASSIS 15% : Liqueur from natural black currants.
  • CRÈME DE MENTHE GREEN24% : Liqueur from crunchy mint leaves & lemon peels.
  • CRÈME DE METHE WHITE 24% : Crispy mint and lemon liqueur.
  • DRY ORANGE 30% : Dried orange liqueur.
  • ELDERFLOWER 15% : From flower blossoms.
  • GRANPEFRUIT PINK 15% : Grapefruit liqueur.
  • KIWI 20% : Kiwi liqueur.
  • MANGO 15% : Mango liqueur.
  • MARASWQUIN 30% : Liqueur from cherries and rose petals.
  • MELON 15% : Melon liqueur.
  • PARFAIT AMOUR 30% : Liqueur made from lemons and vanilla curacao.
  • PASSION FRUIT 15% : made from fruits of passion.
  • PEACH 15% : Peach liqueur.
  • PINEAPPLE 15% : Pineapple liqueur.
  • PISANG 15% : Pisang banana liqueur.
  • RASPBERRY 15% : Raspberry liqueur.
  • SOUR APPLE 15% : Sour apple liqueur.
  • SOUR RHUBARB 15% : Sweet-sour taste of rhubarb.
  • TRIPLE SEC 40% : Liqueur from dried sour and sweet oranges.
  • WATERMELON 15% : Flavor of juicy sweet watermelon.
  • WILD STRAWBERRY 15% : Strawberry aroma.
  • KWAI FEH LYCHEE 20% : Inspired by the legendary romance between KwaiFeh and Emperor Ming of China. Litch liqueur, Kwai Feh’s favorite fruit.
  • MANDARINE NAPOLEON 700ml 38%: combination of brandy, dried mandarin peel, essential oil of fresh Sicilian mandarins and a secret combination of herbs.
  • BEBO CUBAN COFFEE 700ml 24%: TheBébois a coffee liqueur made from 100% brown Arabic coffee, which gives a unique and rich coffee flavor.
  • APRICOT BRANDY 500ml 20% : An extremely rich fruit liqueur with delicious apricots and the best cognac.
  • CHERRY BRANDY 500ml 24% : Extracts of dark red cherries, gently enhanced with exotic spices, mixed with fine brandy