Ipanema – Utopia

Authentic & certified coffee

From our first steps, we wanted to offer the Greek public espresso of exceptional quality. We were looking for authentic, certified coffee, through a market without intermediaries, directly from the farm.

And – believe us – we had to try thousands of cups to reach the Ipanema farm for our final selection.


The Ipanema Espresso farm

At an altitude of 850 to 1,350 meters and in areas exceeding 6,000 hectares, are home to the 12 million coffee trees that each year produce more than 7,000 tons of 100% Arabica coffee, a coffee famous for its undeniable superiority of taste and aroma, low content in caffeine, the particularly demanding growing conditions and consequently, its significantly higher market price compared to other types of coffee.



Cultivating the culture of coffee

  • It was founded in 1964
  • 12,000,000 coffee trees
  • 7,200 tons 100% Arabica coffee / year
  • 1st world-certified farm, by UTZ & Rainforest Alliance
  • Founding member of the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA)
  • Strategic partnerships with Starbucks, Mitsubishi.

The farm in numbers

  • Automated harvesting system 500,000 ltr coffee / day (1000 bags of 60kg per day)
  • Over 80.000m2 for drying coffee, (area equal to 10 football fields)
  • Over 10,000 cupping quality analyzes / year, in at least 30 bags / lot, with over 300 tests / day
  • More than 1,000,000 seeds are planted per year, corresponding to a coffee plantation of 2,000,000m2
  • With an average annual production of 120,000 bags, if the Ipanema farm were a separate country, it would rank 28th in the world.

The certified experience of an excellent coffee


The creamy and tastefully balanced body of Ipanema Espresso,

  • with low acidity,
  • the rich aroma
  • and the sweet aftertaste of orange and honey,
    transforms our simple, everyday moments into unique, enjoyable coffee experiences.


  • Fairtrade
  • Caffé Speciali Certificate
  • UTZ
  • C.A.F.É. Practices
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • Ecolaboration


  • Special Gold Cup of Excellence Award (2002 & 2001)
  • International Sustainability Award (2004)
  • Best Βatch of Brazilian Coffee (2007)
  • Outstanding Producer (2009)
  • Bunge Productivity Award (2009)
  • Outstanding Producer (2009)
  • Bunge Productivity Award (2009)
  • Rainforest Alliance Cupping for Quality (2010)
  • X Furnas Ouro Azul Award (2011)
  • Special Gold Cup of Excellence Award (2011)
  • Cup of Excellence – Early Harvest Award (2014)
  • Cup of Excellence-Late Harvest Award (2015)

At Gold Supply we represent the company Kawacom Hellas. Kawacom Hellas is one of the leading coffee production and marketing companies in the Greek market


Utopia Espresso by Kawacom Hellas

UTOPIA 100% Arabica

Selecting the finest Arabica beans from Latin America, a distinct continent, characterized for centuries by traditional practices of sustainable cultivation and responsible management. These practices are now in full relation to the heritage of the continent, the heritage of coffee.


Utopia Espresso, is a uniquely refined coffee, combining both complexity and the right style to stand out. Its sweet aftertaste, in perfect harmony with the rich, silky feeling, leaves the palate with a balanced fruity taste







Espresso utopia Gold Supply


Utopia 9 is a Mediterranean roasted, full body, coffee with a strong taste and aroma. Utopia 9 Coffee leaves a special aftertaste of caramel and chocolate.










Kawacom utopia arabica


Harmoniously combining the delicate aroma of the Arabica variety with the strong flavor of Robusta beans, Utopia Strong is the ideal choice for an espresso intense both in the cup and in the aftertaste. The best Latin American and African coffees, uniquely combined, offering you the strongest and most intense espresso experience.

Highly balanced coffee, with strong characteristics. A unique blend, with a rich body, intensely bitter, leaving a lasting finish with a unique aftertaste of chocolate and nuts.







Kawacom espresso Gold Supply


Utopia Crema is a spicy full body coffee with a strong flavor and aroma, which leaves a creamy aftertaste of chocolate and hazelnut.